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To the blue ridge mountains, over near Tennessee.

All right ladies and gents, assemble your invite list and grab some fun ingredients for a great cocktail because I've got the perfect motivation for a weekend potluck.

Thanks to the inspiration of this recipe on the amazing food blog Iowa Girl Eats, and my own twist on an existing family recipe (which I’m sure will make an appearance around here one of these days) I’ve got a new food creation that’s too good not to share. 

I call them Smoky Mountain Buffalo Cups, partly because of the buffalo wing theme, and partly because I was listening to Fleet Foxes while I was thinking them up.

They’re incredibly simple, and make for an excellent finger food tray. I put together the filling and topping the night before, stored them in zip lock bags, and assembled the cups when I got to my friend’s Super Bowl party to ensure they were hot and crisp.

Stepping into a stage in life where get-togethers pop up and often call for the cordial appearance of a snack, it’s great to have a few go-to ideas. Smoky Mountain Buffalo Cups are like finger food for dummies, practically impossible to mess up and the ingredients are mostly non-perishable so you can keep them on hand for last minute occasions.  Did i mention how amazing the filo shells are?  So many possibilities.

Add more or less hot sauce depending on your tolerance level, and feel free to whip up some of Iowa Girl Eats great avocado bleu cheese dip for all those spice lightweights you know. 


Happy potlucking, and don't forget to enter the ks& Valentines Day earring giveaway! Tomorrow I announce the winner so don't miss out. CLICK HERE while there is still time!

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