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The mountains said I could find you here.

Happy Valentines Day my dearest fellow Young Alumni!  Because of Danny’s work schedule we celebrated the occasion together last night, and since I’ve already lived today 24 hours ago I’m ready to impart some easy last minute ‘I love yous’ that are both affordable and handmade.

You know how, no matter how often you say it, there are certain things your loved ones never get tired of hearing?  Well this year skip the 'Be Mines' and with sugar cookie mix, a heart shaped cookie cutter and some icing you can emblazon those magic phrases on a delicious Valentines Day snack.

For Danny, ‘You grow the fullest beard’, ‘great job parking’ and ‘saved you leftovers’ are some of my very favorite. We had a great laugh over them when he picked me up, and there's nothing like seeing a geniune smile on the face of someone you love.

I went ahead and let Danny think that this was his card until we got to dinner, then slipped him the real thing after ordering. In accompaniment to the card I included a little accordion style list of 90 things I'd absolutely love for us to do together. It was easy to make, fun to think up, and has given us some great ideas to keep track of and look forward to.

CLICK HERE for a printable PDF of my Valentine's Day card design.

If there is one thing I've learned about sharing your life with someone else, it's that the gifts we give are incongruent to the experiences we gain from them.  Too often stress and money can cause us to lose sight of what we are trying to convey. This year wasn't about a few pieces of paper, flowers, dinner our favorite songs and cookies, it was about celebrating a year of our lives in love and feeling that resonate between us. 

Whether you are single or seeing someone today is a day to show love, for others and also for yourself. Since we already celebrated I’m treating myself tonight to a mainicure, a nice bubble bath and then finishing up some sewing projects I haven’t had time to focus on. 

Above all remember that today is just one day, and love is something you should show to everyone who matters to you, in any language, everyday in every way.   

Have some fun and easy ideas for showing someone you care?  Don't be shy, leave a comment and share the love!

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